Virtual Dashboard

So you can see the status of your electrical assets in real-time, we use custom software that allows clients to log in to a virtual dashboard.

Working with OCOM software in Geelong

Working with OCOM software in Geelong, this clever technology allows us to offer clients accurate insights into their electrical infrastructure with real-time data and results from the source. In the dashboard, clients can access test and tag registers, thermal scanning results, switchboard performance and exit and emergency lighting operation.

The virtual dashboard also gives all staff working on that site access to the same information so everyone knows the status of the asset or appliance. If someone has marked an appliance as tested, it’s immediately recorded for future reference.

Easy App Access

The TTS Electrics virtual dashboard is accessible via a downloadable app. Not only does this offer our clients the convenience of being able to check their own systems, but they can log in remotely from their own devices at any time.

The virtual dashboard also saves the need to send requests for manual reporting. Asset reports such as test and tag registers can be generated by workplace and site managers. This is essential for workplace and OHS compliance.

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