All electrical installation and repair work must be performed by a licensed electrical contractor! A Certificate of Electrical safety MUST be supplied at the completion of all electrical work.

Appliance testing and tagging

Australian Standard AS.3760 states all portable electrical appliances must be checked to ensure that they are electrically safe to be used in the work place.

AS.3760 provides a simple risk based guide to the frequency that appliances should be tested and tagged.

  • Low risk not moved often 5 years
  • Moved frequently 12 months.

Please contact TTS electrics for a detailed guide to you work site.
TTS Electrics have developed our own software for recording appliance testing results, and on the completion of a testing and tagging program at your workplace, you will receive a compressive log book and asset register of all electrical appliances. Reports can be tailored to suit you requirements and are available in both hard copy and electronic format.

Residual Current Devices (Safety Switches)

We are all aware that an RCD can save your life. However as with all safety device, there operation needs to be tested to ensure that they work at a safe level.

AS.3760 Provides minimum guide lines for the testing of fixed and portable RCD’s in the work place.
Please contact TTS electrics for additional information

Exit and Emergency light compliance testing.

All exit and emergency lights must be tested on a six monthly basis to ensure that they function correctly and meet the test criteria laid out in AS 2293.

TTS Electrics provides compliant testing of stand-alone exit light systems and also computer monitored exit and emergency systems.